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The Pontifical Mission Societies is an invitation to the baptized Christian throughout the world to share in the command of Jesus Christ when He said, "Go out to the whole world and make disciples". The most convincing way in which this command was carried out by the first Christians was when they lived their Christianity sharing and caring for each other in Love. It was then said of then. "See how they love one another."

We must never be ashamed of the Gospel, and never be afraid of proclaiming that we are Christan.Instead of hiding our faith we must continue to speak, to extend the space for proclaiming salvation, because Jesus has promised to be with us forever and he is always in the midst of His disciples.

May we seek to live this year's theme, which is to" Proclaim Jesus the Bread of Life" and announce Christ to the World. We are happy to publish the message of the Late Pope John Paul II, which was intended for mission Sunday this year. God bless you.

CHILAW SEMINAR P.M.S National Directer has visited BRESCIA
1st Animator training seminar Diocese of Chilaw at Thalawila St Anne's Church 2016.04.09-Conducted by the PMS-national office,National director and the team from the national office. Participation 70, both girls and boys. P.M.S National Directer has visited BRESCIA where he inaugurated the Holy Childhood Society enrolled children and presented them with badges.